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Hi guys, i just update october 1 to 2 using php 8.1

I try to access to the backend and i get this error message: Class "October\Rain\Database\Behaviors\Purgeable" not found

Do you have an idea of what I should do?



Hi amaury,

You're actually using v3 beta, this is the only installable version using PHP 8.1. You can either:

  • Use PHP 8.0 and install v2
  • Stay with v3 and find the plugin that reports this error

A plugin that might cause this is the RainLab.Translate plugin, to install the latest version, run this command:

php artisan plugin:install rainlab.translate

Installing the plugin over the top will update it and it is safe to do.

I hope this helps!


worked like a charm, thank you very much

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