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The fuss is that it's not WordPress or Joomla :D


To answer the original post: This is a CMS for developers and users.

Having developed sites with both Wordpress and October I came to the conclusion that Wordpress is more suitable for non technical people who want a simple business site or blog. Most hosting companies have one click wordpress installs and the user can just add plugins to create the functionality they need without ever touching a line of code.

October CMS on the other hand, offers a solid base to get a simple website up quickly and then develop that into a rich web interface or application. Yes, you have to know some HTML but building a website is a technical task and dumbing it down with drag and drop builders results in poor quality websites that are slow.

Once I show October CMS to clients that have no technical knowledge, they immediately comment on the design and ease of use. With a few client friendly plugins like Pages, Blog and OctoDoc they get on just fine and can manage the site content by themselves.

If you want to know how Wordpress is different from October read this October CMS vs Wordpress article.

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