Hey guys, we know laravel and want to build a site with a great Sales Site CMS experience ( user editbable images, text, multiple posts, featured posts etc) , but also a strong bespoke booking experience, where we probably need more power to code custom.

  • Is October good for this?
  • Can I "drop down" into laravel if i need to?
  • How are CMS edits stored, in the DB? What is qa/staging/prod migration cycle like?
  • Are plugins migratable?
  • Is config just the same as laravel?


  • Yep, October can certainly be used for this type of site.
  • If you mean use Laravel functionality, October does support a lot of Laravel functionality, but there are differences in methodologies, so you may need to adjust some code slightly.
  • The main CMS section edits are stored on disk (ie. in the themes folder). Most plugins generally store changes in the database. The deployment cycle is totally up to your own workflow, some people use a service like DeployBot, others just FTP or SSH, some use GitHub Actions.
  • Plugins are migrateable. You can deploy them in your deployment process above, or use the Private Plugins service to make plugin deployment easier.
  • October uses the same config files in the config folder, but some configuration values are unique to October.

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