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joseph.d said:

It's beyond my skillset but if anyone wants to propose a PR to add decent History AP...

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@roman30845 are you using Composer to install? Is the vendor/laravel/framework/src/Foundation/Provid...

Posted in OctoberCMS does not work after migration

@daftjonny What browser and OS are you running?

Posted in html editor showing empty whitespace [resolved]

@Coding Crafter

The onStart event is fired before any template code is read, which is why home.css i...

Posted in Best practice loading CSS / Stylesheets in the correct order.

@Johnathan Heath

Generally, what I tend to do with sites using both is that I use a static page for ...

Posted in RainLab Static Pages plugin compatibility with blog plugin [resolved]

@Incremental I believe that should work :)

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siraj60540 said:

helpless community of october cms

Awesome comment, bro.

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ushastik-00757485 said:

BennoThommo, can I ask, how would you run a blog with October? Would you us...

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ushastik-00757485 said:

Hi! There is a problem with the WYSIWYG plugin when TinyMCE is selected as ...

Posted in Wysiwig plugin: can't align images

@Incremental you wouldn't be able to do it directly through the User plugin. You would need to inste...

Posted in User password change ? [resolved]