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Hi community,

First of all I would like to thank the developers of octoberCMS for their awesome work!!

I have an issue while adding components as the "staticPage" component to layouts. The result is that layouts are not shown if I would like to select them while creating a new page over the static pages plugin. I think that I am doing everything the way it should be done..

  1. CMS >Layouts>Add
  2. Add name and markup
  3. Sidebar>Components>Pages>Static Page Now the component shows up on top of the markup section.
  4. Save Then I go to the Pages plugin>Pages>Add: But There is no layout to select.. In the text editor I found that [staticPage] is NOT added on top of the two equal signs "==" of the layout file. What is the problem? I would be very happy if somebode can help me!!

Kind regards,



Should have been fixed in Build 303

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