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daftspunk said:

Just to clarify, where would you expect the thumbnail to be created on the filesyst...

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this is bug

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change default.htm in your component this:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="plugins/Spe...

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include_once(plugins/Spec/uGallery/components/gallerij/resources/UberGallery.php): failed to open s...

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Add jsonable type for your "repeater" fild in your model:

namespace  Acme\PluginName\Models;
use Mo...

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add "s" letter ))

public function __construct()


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Я тоже думал решить эту проблему подобным образом, но не сообразил как реализовать в рамках этого в

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Maybe this solution is suitable:

private function format_size($size) {
    $mod = 1048576; // 1MB

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