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Stellar Theme

  • a clean, responsive theme with a OnePage Home Site, Blog and generic sites



  • One Pager with smooth scroll for Home Site
  • Single Page for all other Sites
  • Customizable Background Color in Theme Settings
  • Styled Blog Pages (needs more Customization)


Feature Request

  • If you need other features in this theme you can send me a mail or
  • submit a issue at my GitLab Repo


  • Unsplash for demo images
  • HTML5 Up for the Theme
  • OctoberCMS for the great CMS they made! <3

Stellar Theme Documentation

This theme provides two layouts:
  • 'stellar' - use this for OnePage Layout. You can find the menu partial at 'partials/home_page/navigation.htm'
  • 'generic' - this is for normal pages. The menu partial is in 'partials/all_pages/navigation.htm'
OnePage Sections
  • The theme comes with four sections for the home Page. They can be found at 'partials/home_page/section*.htm'.
  • You can enable or disable the sections from Theme Backend Config.
  • To edit the menu change the href attribute at 'partials/home_page/navigation.htm' and the first id attribute in the 'partials/home_page/section* partials to fit your needs.
  • look at the /elements page for styling your content.
  • Found the theme useful on 22 Jan, 2019

    A well structured theme that let's you create content without a lot of upfront configuration. The only disappointment is that it includes the SCSS files but no package.json or gulp file, so if you want to modify the theme you have to create your own. This isn't a trivial task. I hope the author will add the SCSS compilation stuff in the next version.


Blog functionality

Oct 14, 2016


Theme info update

Sep 28, 2016


First Version with Blog integration 27.29.2016

Sep 27, 2016


Add Theme Customization of background color in Theme Settings

Sep 26, 2016


Add Elements Page

Sep 26, 2016


Add Generic Page

Sep 26, 2016


First version of Stellar Theme (September 26, 2016)

Sep 26, 2016