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The theme includes:

  • Webpack (using Laravel Mix)
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
  • jQuery
  • Autoprefixer

See the Documentation tab for the usage details.


To use it:

  • Install October CMS
  • Create a new folder in October /themes folder (call it for example my-awesome-theme)
  • Clone the repo in your theme folder
  • Activate the theme from October backend settings

To modify it:

  • Open a terminal, go to your theme folder and run npm install (node_modules folder will be created)
  • Install more packages using npm install --save
  • Require your installed packages in src/js/app.js
  • Modify the js and scss files
  • Run npm run dev (npm run watch to recompile when something changes)
  • Add new pages, partials, content files...
  • Run npm run prod when you are ready for production

When you are ready for production:

  • Run npm run prod
  • You don't need to upload node_modules and src folders to the production host if you don't compile your assets there

First version of OctoberCMS npm/Laravel mix Theme Boilerplate

Dec 05, 2018