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Hey There,

I have a suggestion. You say "Ready to use Plugin MenuManager (but plugin is not required)" But with a fresh install everyone gets: Class name is not registered for the component "menu" so i guess now the plugin is required..

So best thing is to add in theme.yaml:


  • BenFreke.MenuManager

Or remove the {% component "menu" %} from the Layout "main.htm" Otherwise you will get more bad reviews :P, and your theme works fine though.

Better add the plugin! and these aswell:

  • RainLab.User
  • RainLab.Forum
  • Clake.UserExtended

Otherwise the forum / user login pages wont work aswell.. But thats a choice, i would do it on forehand.

For people with the problem for now..

  • Add plugin: MenuManager (and the theme works ^.^)
  • Add a menu in the manager.
  • Go to: Layout "main.htm"
  • Change:

    • Parent node: YOUR MENU NAME
    • Active node: YOUR MENU NAME

    And you have a working Menu ;)


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thanks man for that


still can't make the menu working though

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