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Hi, I have a layout error on first page, with the header text that is supposed to scroll on same line :

Alt text

Nothing was changed on your code. I use version 1.0.2 of your theme. Any idea what is wrong ?

Thanks a lot for your help ! Jan

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Hi Jan, can you check if these:

  • check if your javascript is enable
  • check if following javascipt is exist and loaded properly:
    • tiny-slider.js
    • main js, especially this part
var homeHeader = document.getElementById('slides-vertical');
if (homeHeader) {
    var slider = tns({
        container: '.slides-vertical',
        axis: 'vertical',
        autoplay: true,
        autoplayButton: false,
        autoplayButtonOutput: false,
        autoplayTimeout: 3000,
        autoplayHoverPause: true,
        speed: 400,
        controls: false

work fine in here ;

Thank you

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Thanks a lot for your kind reply.

I discovered that layout "default" (attached to homepage.htm) was missing this piece of code :

<script src="{{ 'assets/vendor/lightgallery.js/dist/js/lightgallery.min.js'|theme }}"></script>

Thanks a lot for your help. This is a great theme.


thanks mate, I'll check it out again

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