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  • Added on Dec 9, 2015
  • Current version: 1.0.0
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    v1.x use latest
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Alpha - Design by SimpleWeb

This theme will no longer be updated. Maybe, I will release a new theme with Bootstrap 4, but it is not sure yet.

Write us if you need some more features!

A good starting point

This beautiful theme is based on Bootstrap 3.3.6. The latest version. All elements are customized and beautified. You can use this theme as a good starting point for your next client website or you can just use it as it is. It will save you much time in your next project, because you don't need to start from scratch. So the low price is a breeze ;-)

This theme is designed to provide a clean structure and design.

Everybody knows Bootstrap

So I think everybody knows Bootstrap, so don't need to write about this. The theme supports a beautiful contact form with validation. So i describe here how to set up this form.

The contact page requires a mail template to be created. You can create a new mail template by selecting Settings > Mail templates > New template.

  1. Select the layout Default

  2. Enter the code: contact::form

  3. Enter the subject: Contact form submitted

  4. Enter the description: Sent when a user submits the contact form.

  5. Enter the HTML below:

  6. <p>From: {{name}} {{surname}} <{{email}}></p><br> <p>Phone: {{ phone }}</p> <p>Company: {{company}}</p> <p>Message Body:</p> <p>{{comments}}</p> <p>--</p> *<p>This mail is sent via contact form found on Alpha!</p>

  7. Click Create

Submitting the contact form will send an email to all administrators who belong to the group with code support-contact. You can create this group by selecting Settings > Administrators > Manage Groups > New Group.

  1. Place a tick in Add new administrators to this group by default. to add all the existing admins to this new group.
  2. Enter a name: Support contact
  3. Enter the code: support-contact
  4. Click Create

For more information use the demo link above. For support, please use the support tab.


Release of Alpha.

Dec 03, 2015