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Note: This is a starter theme and it's not intended to be used for websites as is.
Pinnacle is a modern starter theme for OctoberCMS. It's based on the Sage theme by Roots for Wordpress and contains all the tools you need to develop high quality themes with a modern workflow. Pinnacle features:

  • NPM, Bower and Gulp
  • Bootstrap 4
  • FontAwesome 4
  • imgLiquid
  • Slick carousel
  • Browsersync
  • Javascript DOM Routing

I've also provided some minimal styling and markup for a basic homepage to demonstrate how it works.


  • See requirements for OctoberCMS. You can find them here.
  • Node.js (not needed on your server, you can install Node locally to build your assets on your computer)


  1. Install OctoberCMS. See the instructions here.
  2. Once OctoberCMS is installed, clone this repository to a folder in the themes folder of your installation.
  3. Activate Pinnacle as your theme in the backend of OctoberCMS.
  4. Open your preferred terminal (I use Git Bash on Windows) and enter npm install -g gulp bower to globally install Gulp and Bower.
  5. Then enter npm install to install the required Node packages.
  6. Once that's finished, enter bower install to download the dependencies used for Pinnacle.
  7. Afterwards, you should be able to run gulp to build the assets or gulp watch to watch for changes, build automatically and open a browsersync tab.
  8. Have fun developing!

What are all these files doing here?

If you check the theme folder, you'll notice that there are a few new files and folders:

  • bower.json
    This file contains the bower dependencies for Pinnacle.

  • gulpfile.js
    The gulpfile contains all the tasks that Gulp runs on builds.

  • package.json
    This file contains the packages for Node.

  • src/manifest.json
    This manifest contains the source SCSS and JS that will be compiled to the assets folder.

  • src/
    This folder contains the source files for the assets. Place your images in the src/images/ folder, scripts in the src/scripts/ folder and scr/styles/ folder. Remember that new SCSS files have to be added to the src/styles/main.scss file and script files have to be added in the src/manifest.json.


Upgraded dependencies, now uses release version of Bootstrap 4 with Popper.js.

Jan 30, 2018


Fixed issue with newer versions of Node.js and gulp-if. Please update node packages.

Dec 13, 2016


Implemented DOM Routing

Dec 04, 2016


Theme initialization

Dec 02, 2016