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We made this starter theme to rapidly develop, build, and deploy websites without the hassle of setting everything up manually. If you're familiar with Laravel's ecosystem, you'll find that we use Laravel Mix to compile assets quick and simple. It's easy to customize the starter theme however you like. If you would like to help with the development of this starter theme, please visit our GitHub repo here.

What's included:

  • Latest jQuery javascript library.
  • Compile assets with Laravel Mix.
  • Uses UIkit 3+ for front-end.
  • UIkit SASS for easy customization.
  • Cache busting with the Mix Helper plugin.
  • Easily overwrite UIkit's core components.
  • Basic template ready with examples.
  • Fresh installation, no bloat/custom styles.


  • Install plugin Mix Helper if not already installed.


  • Rename theme directory by clicking "Manage" > "Duplicate".
  • Delete old theme by clicking "Manage" > "Delete"
  • Initialize Yarn or NPM by running yarn or npm install from inside of the theme's root.
  • To compile assets, use yarn dev for development builds or yarn prod for production builds.



  • Yarn yarn dev or yarn development
  • NPM npm run dev or npm run development


  • Yarn yarn watch or yarn watch-poll
  • NPM npm run watch or npm run watch-poll


  • Yarn yarn prod or yarn production
  • NPM npm run prod or npm run production

Fix console errors + Cleaner boilerplate JS

Feb 01, 2019


Better structure + New Mix plugin required

Feb 01, 2019


Theme initialization

Dec 13, 2018