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Unofficial release of Bootstrap Bootswatch Vapor Theme


  • Bootstrap Icons
  • animation.style

Why paid

As a freelancer, I charge a modest amount for my themes and plugins because each creation involves time, effort, and expertise. This allows me to maintain the quality of my work and continue developing my skills. I appreciate your support and understanding as I strive for excellence.


To modify a theme or create your own, follow the steps below in your terminal. You'll need to have Git and Node installed.

  1. Download the repository: git clone https://github.com/thomaspark/bootswatch.git

  2. Install dependencies: npm install

  3. Make sure that you have grunt available in the command line. You can install grunt-cli as described on the Grunt Getting Started page.

  4. In /dist, modify _variables.scss and _bootswatch.scss in one of the theme directories, or duplicate a theme directory to create a new one.

  5. Type grunt swatch:[theme] to build the CSS for a theme, e.g., grunt swatch:flatly for Flatly. Or type grunt swatch to build them all at once.

  6. You can run grunt to start a server, watch for any changes to the SASS files, and automatically build a theme and reload it on change. Run grunt server for just the server, and grunt watch for just the watcher.

Here are additional tips for customizing Bootstrap.

If you prefer a web interface for customizing themes, check out Bootstrap.build. From within the builder, you can click the Import button to load the Bootswatch theme of your choice as a starting point.


Updated with Bootswatch Vapor CSS

May 14, 2024


Updated to Bootstrap v5.3.0-alpha3

Apr 25, 2023


Update Licence information NvandenDries and Bootstrap

Jan 04, 2023


Integrated animate.style v4.1.1 and Bootstrap Icons v1.10.3

Jan 04, 2023


Theme initialization

Dec 28, 2022