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Go to your backend to Settings > System > Updates & Plugins and install the theme Chkilel.Vitawind, then install the VitewindManager Plugin. (just copy & paste the PluginID below and put it in the search box.)

    - Chkilel.VitewindManager

Cannot work without Vitewind Manager plugin, please install it to use the theme.

Theme Setup

You must first install the theme dependencies. In the theme folder, run:

npm install // or yarn install

Theme settings

Go to your backend to Settings > Vitewind theme, and configure the following settings:

Setting Vitawind

        - Use `.env` configuration  : will use the `APP_ENV` value in the .env file
        - Development               : if you are working on the theme development (npm run dev)
        - Production                : if you are in production, the theme must be built before (npm run build)

    Port number : Enter the port on which the theme dev server is running (when you run `npm run dev`), default to 3000.

    Theme: select the appropiate theme, if you modify the theme name in the `theme.yaml` file.

Vite config file

  • If you rename the theme folder, please adjust the name [VITAWIND_FOLDER] in vite.config.js accordingly.
  • If you need many JS files for your layouts, add them all to the build.rollupOptions.input config array to be compiled.
import WindiCSS from 'vite-plugin-windicss'
export default ({command}) => ({
    base: command === 'serve' ? '' : '/themes/[VITAWIND_FOLDER]/public/build/', // Addjust the name of the theme
    publicDir: 'fake_dir_so_nothing_gets_copied',
    processCssUrls: true,
    build: {
        manifest: true,
        outDir: 'public/build',
        rollupOptions: {
            input: [
                // Add here all the files you need if you load different javascript code in each layout
    plugins: [...],

Layout component

The Vitewind plugin register a layout component to inject JS and CSS assets,manage hot reload in Development and inject build assets in production.

Layout component

Put the component in every layout you are using and set the JS files you need to load for each layout, you can use different JS files for each layout.

Layout component setting


Run the command below in your theme folder:

npm run dev // or yarn dev

The theme DEV server will start on http://localhost:3000/ and listen to any modification in your .htm files ( layouts, pages, partials,...). then, you can visite your site on its usual URL and start development.

Note the port of the dev server, if different from 3000 you need to adjust it in the backend settings.

Production build

Use npm run build to compile your assets.

npm run build // or yarn build

Don't forget to adjust the Enviroment to production in the backend settings.


Initial release

Jun 18, 2022