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This is a fully responsive one page portfolio website with About and Gallery sections and a contact form.

Easy to use :

Please note that this 3 free plugins ( Editable , Flexy-contact, RJ GALLERY) are required in the default index file (home.htm). If you don't want to use them home-only-html.htm (Only Html version )


Live Edit

This theme uses Editable plugin, to generate an edit content on live.


Use it with RJ GALLERY plugin and modify of raviraj/rjgallery/components/gallery/default.htm wtih :

<div id="gallery">
    {% for image in gallery.images %}
<!--- article-->
<article data-src="{{ image.path }}" data-title="{{ image.title }}" data-desc="{{ image.description }}">
        <div class="folio_thumb" style="background-image:url('{{ image.path }}');"></div>
         <img src="{{ image.getThumb(width, height, resizer) }}" alt="{{ image.title }}" />

        <div class="folio_content">
            <h3>{{ image.title }}</h3>
{% endfor %}

Contact form

Ready for Flexy-contact

  • Found the theme useful on 20 Jul, 2015

    Great minimalist theme, supported nicely by plugins, the design is very clean and elegant and the ease of customization really stands out, This is great for personal portfolio sites as well as simple company sites. It is responsive and fluid, overall highly recommended.


remove composer.json in order to fix /vendor genereration

Jun 03, 2015


Add an only html-version (without plugin required)

Jun 02, 2015


Correct Editor request

Jun 02, 2015


First commit

Jun 02, 2015