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Starter development template for building UIkit v3 themed OctoberCMS sites.



Add the theme to existing project while logged into OctoberCMS account online, or interactively by searching it inside Settings/System/Updates/Themes in backend, or with the following command-line instructions inside project root:

php artisan theme:install castus.ui3kit ui3kit
php artisan theme:use ui3kit

One-time Development Environment Setup

Install NodeJS and Node Package Manager globally (LTS version required). Run the following command-line instructions inside theme root:

npm install --global gulp-cli
npm i

Alternative NPM-compatible package manager Yarn could be used:


Integrating build process into OctoberCMS project is easy - copy (or merge into existing) files into project root:


Adjust paths.root configuration variable to themes/castus-ui3kit/ and start using command-line tasks from project root.

Using and Editing

Check intro page for example HTML page structure and mandatory includes. Development changes can be automated with command-line instruction inside theme root:

gulp watch

Build versioned, optimized, minified, autoprefixed assets with command-line instruction inside theme root:

gulp upbuild --production

Customizing UIkit

Global framework/theme styling parameters are overridable in the following SCSS files, just don't forget to remove !default from variables:

Comment out unwanted components/theming for leaner and faster UIkit custom build:

For in-depth customizations and optimizations follow the SASS docs.


Upgraded SCSS imports and UIkit framework to 3.0.0-RC.10, rebuilt assets

Jul 25, 2018


Upgraded UIkit framework to 3.0.0-Beta.42, rebuilt assets

Apr 06, 2018


Reintroduced custom SCSS variables partial, added mixin override example

Mar 17, 2018


Split themed framework build from base, added NPM scripts

Mar 16, 2018


Added style guide

Mar 13, 2018


Refactored Gulp build to use NPM package configuration (with "not dead" browserslist)

Mar 12, 2018


Upgraded Gulp build with image optimization task

Mar 10, 2018


Initial UI3kit theme (framework version 3.0.0-Beta.40) with Gulp build

Mar 05, 2018