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There is no DEMO available for this theme but you can look at my own website to get a feel for the type of websites I design.

About this theme

This theme is designed to work for websites that do not have relevant photos to make their content stand out and want to feature illustrations instead. The stylish design includes a collection of example animated vector art that will give your website a bespoke look and feel.

You can add differently styled rows and assign animated vector artwork either to the right or to the left of your text. All colors (including those of backgrounds and animations) can be changed with the click of a button and you can even edit the vector artwork itself including the animations. If you are a designer and want to use vector artwork in your designs, this theme will make sure that your website will perform well on any device and save you a lot of time.


Plugins can extend this theme by adding blocks to the included Page Builder.

YES Bootstrap 4 library
YES Font Awesome library
YES Color settings (including the colors used in the animated artwork and background image)
YES Edit animated vector art
YES Page Builder (edit textblocks, change colors and backgrounds, arrange content)
YES Snippets (Pricing table, Contact form)
YES Option to add custom CSS and javascript
YES Free support available for bugs or questions
YES Commercial support available for customization
YES 30% of your purchase goes to help fund the October Project

Browser support

The theme is fully tested and compatible against the two recent desktop versions of:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

...and the two recent mobile versions of:

  • Chrome
  • Safari

Please note, only modern browsers are supported to keep themes clean and ensure they perform well.


You're free to customize the theme following the needs of your project. I also offer commercial services should you need them.

Like this theme?

Did you know that 30% of your purchase goes to help fund the October Project? If you purchase this theme, you help me to develop it further, provide support for it or make new themes.


© 2019, Briddle under Regular or Extended marketplace license.

Animated Vector Art 1

Hello, I am Wiego. Please start by reading the whole documentation! If you have any questions, find a bug or experience difficulties getting the plugin to work please use the Support Forum for the plugin. Only leave a Review if you are happy with the plugin or are still unhappy with the plugin after reaching out to me in the Support Forum for the plugin. Thank you! Wiego

Getting started

  1. Add briddle-bob to a project and attach it to your website.
  2. This will automagically install RainLab.Pages (Static Pages)
  3. Go to Settings > CMS > Front-end theme > Customize to configure the theme.

Using this theme for end-users

You can use the Page Builder. The Page Builder is essentially a repeater field in the Static Pages plugin from RainLab that allows you to add mobile-friendly content blocks to your page (go to Pages and open the tab Blocks).

The following blocks are currently supported:

  • Text column besides animated vector art (set background color, background vector image and include animated vector art to the left or right)
  • 2 columns of text
  • 3 columns of text
  • Main page content (set background color and background vector image)

The main page content also supports snippets:

  • Pricing table (set different columns by separating them with "|"'s
  • Contact form (set recipient in Settings > CMS > Front-end theme > Customize)

Using this theme as a starting point (webdesigners)

If you are a web designer this theme gives you a head start in developing a bespoke theme for your client that uses animated vector art.

You can edit the example SVG's (animated vectorart and vector backgrounds) in software like illustrator or inkscape.


Please use the Support Forum (on the left side of the page) or send me a private message. Do not use reviews to ask for support. Only leave a Review if you are happy with the plugin or are still unhappy with the plugin after reaching out to me.

You can also visit my website


Bugfix in mail_recipient and better form feedback

Sep 19, 2019


Added page block and a pricing table snippet plus a contact snippet

Sep 19, 2019


Bugfix in page builder and some minor improvements to responsive mobile view

Sep 19, 2019


Some minor improvements to detecting position

Jun 12, 2019


Some minor improvements

May 30, 2019


Theme initialization

May 29, 2019