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Fetches RSS/Atom feeds to put on your website. It can be automated using a cronjob or triggered manually.


If you have issues using this plugin. Please create an issue on GitHub or contact us at octobercms@vdlp.nl.


Any help is appreciated. Or feel free to create a Pull Request on GitHub.


Install this plugin within OctoberCMS. It's available on the OctoberCMS Market Place.

RSS & Atom feeds

The plugin uses the laminas/laminas-feed package to parse the RSS and/or Atom feeds. For more information on this package goto https://docs.laminas.dev/laminas-feed/


The plugin is configured with 4 example sources and has a few components which help you to display items and/or sources on your website.


Shows a list of most recent RSS items limited on the maximun number of items provided by you.

An example of implementation code in your CMS page:

title = "A list of items"
url = "/items"
layout = "default"
is_hidden = 0

maxItems = 10
{% component 'rssItems' %}


Shows a list of most recent RSS items with an additional paginator element.

An example of implementation code in your CMS page:

title = "A list of items (paginatable)"
url = "/items"
layout = "default"
is_hidden = 0

itemsPerPage = 3
{% component 'rssPaginatableItems' %}


Shows a list of sources.

An example of implementation code in your CMS page:

title = "A list of sources"
url = "/sources"
layout = "default"
is_hidden = 0

{% component 'rssSources' %}


To manipulate RSS items there are a few events which can be used:

  • vdlp.rssfetcher.item.processTitle
  • vdlp.rssfetcher.item.processContent
  • vdlp.rssfetcher.item.processLink

Use them like this:

Event::listen('vdlp.rssfetcher.item.processTitle', function (&$title) {
    $title = $title . 'A';

Event::listen('vdlp.rssfetcher.item.processContent', function (&$content) {
    $content = strip_tags($content);

Reporting Widgets

This plugin contains also a RSS Headlines widget to show the latest headlines on your Dashboard. This widget has three configurable properties: maxItems, title and dateFormat.


There are many ways to configure a cronjob. Here's an basic example of cronjob configuration line:

5/* * * * php path/to/artisan vdlp:fetch-rss >> /dev/null 2>&1

The above line takes care of fetching all sources every 5 minutes.

The vdlp:fetch-rss command takes an optional source_id argument. Provide the source ID if you want to fetch only 1 source at that time.

Execute from code

In your plugin code you can also use the following code to execute the Artisan command:


use Artisan;
// ...

Artisan::call('vdlp:fetch-rss', ['source' => 2]);

Or using the RssFetcher singleton:

  • Found the plugin useful on 22 Jan, 2019

    Thank you for this very wel made solution!

  • Found the plugin useful on 17 Jan, 2019

    This plugin could also be used to show messages from your favourite October CMS theme and plugin developers on your dashboard (e.g. notifications of new products).

    Since RSS feeds are an open standard this is available to all authors who make an RSS feed available and publish the address in the theme or plugin documentation.

    End-users would only need one thing.... this plugin :)


Maintenance update -- see CHANGELOG.md

Sep 23, 2022


Update CHANGELOG.md and fix v3.0.0 description

Sep 10, 2021


Replace the use of Event facade with Event dispatcher

Aug 04, 2021


Fix type in Items component (Items::$items)

Jul 07, 2021


Fix type in Sources component (Sources::$sources)

Jul 07, 2021


Drop support for PHP 7.4 (minimum required PHP version 7.4)

Jul 06, 2021


Fix error when performing a migration rollback

Jul 06, 2021


Update plugin dependencies (minimum required PHP version 7.3)

May 28, 2021


Fix Author parsing for Atom/RSS feeds

Apr 20, 2020


Replace Zend Framework with Laminas and added events

Mar 13, 2020


Improve item saving

Feb 07, 2020


Code improvements (>= PHP 7.1)

Nov 05, 2019


Escape output to prevent XSS injections

Jan 18, 2019


Code optimizations

Oct 12, 2018


Fix SQL error with `enclosure_length` attribute

Oct 12, 2018


Move publish_new_items to Sources table

Oct 12, 2018


Add correct controller permissions

Jul 18, 2018


First version of RssFetcher

Jul 18, 2018