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Plugin to synchronise edited Static Page content with a Git repository. So when you save your static contents from your website, it will automatically commit it to a Github repo, so it can be integrated in your development process.

It's based on the plugin ContentSync.

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When our clients edit content through the static pages plugin, files are being changed on the server and wer're not able to merge them back in our codebase. This is a problem because the next time we deploy our application these files are being overwriten. ContentSync solves this problem by automatically commiting these changes to a Github repository. From git you can merge it back into your development branch to keep it in sync with your next deployment.

This plugin automatically commits changes in a branch on a Github repository using the Github API.


Everytime a static-page is updated it creates a commit using the Github API to your repository in a branch that you set in the settings. It not only saves the content but also the Meta Data where the menu information is stored.


All commits are logged in the database. The table utopigs_pigsync_commits holds the commit messages and the table utopigs_pigsync_changes holds the content of the files. In case something goes wrong the data is still stored in the database.

Github settings

Before you can use the plugin you need a Github account which can create commits on the repository you configure, and a token https://github.com/settings/tokens with full control of private repositories. You have to fill in these credentials in the "token" field. Also fill in the fields Team / owner and Name of repository with the correct information.

Team / owner: Name of the Github team or account

Name of repository: Name of the repository without .git

Token: the github token

Branch: The branch to commit the content to.

Message The message for every commit.


Fix bug when user has no name (use login)

Apr 25, 2024


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Dec 30, 2022


Create commits table

Dec 30, 2022


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Dec 30, 2022