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Plugin to synchronise edited content with Bitbucket (in Git). Currently beta.


In OctoberCMS there is no standard way to merge static pages that are changed in the codebase. When our clients edit pages through the static pages plugin files are being changed on the server and wer're not able to merge them back in our codebase. This is a problem because the next time we deploy our application these files are being overwriten.

This plugin exists to automatically commit changes in a branch on a Bitbucket repository using the Bitbucket API so that you don't have to run git on your server. It can also save the current static-page in multiple themes.

How does it work?


Everytime a static-page is updated it creates a commit using the Bitbucket API to your repository in a branch called: "content".


When you edit a page and enable another theme using the "ContentSync" tab the current page is automatically saved in those themes as well.


Before you can use the plugin you have to create a Bitbucket account which can create commits on the repository you configure. You have to fill in these credentials in the "username" and "password" field. You can use the "author" field to setup the commit author using the following format: NAME <EMAIL>


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Aug 31, 2018


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Aug 31, 2018


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Aug 31, 2018