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Adaptation of the PleaseWait.js plugin and the SpinKit library for OctoberCMS.


  • Ready in just 3 steps!
  • You can:
    • Select a spin provided by SpinKit.
    • Change the logo
    • Write a phrase
    • Change the spin color
    • Change the phrase color
    • Change the background color
  • Compatible with the Translate plugin.
  • Available locales:
    • en
    • es
SpinKit library


  1. Install the Plugin.

  2. Activate it in the Settings area.

  3. Add the Component to your Layout just before the {% scripts %} tag.

Important: You must include the tags {% styles %} and {% scripts %} in your Layout.
Optional: Hide initial HTML flash

If your initial template has some styled HTML by default (like a toolbar), you'll probably want to hide that, or your users could see a quick flash of your normal template, followed by the loading screen. This is easy to do by wrapping the HTML in your body in a div, and hiding/showing that when things are ready. PleaseWait adds a class of pg-loaded to your body when it's done.

    body > .inner {
      display: none;

    body.pg-loaded > .inner {
      display: block;

First version of Please Wait.

Aug 26, 2018