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  • Added on Jul 7, 2020
  • Current version: 1.0.3
  • Compatibility
    October CMS v3.x not tested
    October CMS v2.x not tested
    October CMS v1.x use latest
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Twitch Helix API integration on your site.


  • Embed Streams, Videos, and clips on your site.
  • Outputs lists of Videos and Clips based on channel
  • Dedicated view pages for Videos and Clips using :video_id URL parameter
  • New Outputs Bits Leaderboards Based on Channel. User MUST be authenticated on site with social connect using their Twitch to work

More to come soon!

Requires SocialConnect plugin to handle client Id and secret and social login

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This plugin relies on Tohur.SocialConnect, so make sure you have that installed.

Go to System - Updates and in the search field enter Tohur.TwitchIntergration.

Once installed go to social connect settings in backend and fill out Client Id, Secret, and redirect. everything is in components for now so add everything via CMS pages to make dedicated video and clip view pages use the following Url param :video_id. example /video/view/:video_id

For the Bits Leaderboards User MUST be authenticated on site with social connect using their Twitch to work

Make sure to properly have task scheduling setup according to October CMS setup documentation as the plugin relies on it for refreshing application access tokens every so often.

More Documentation coming shortly


Updating how to find user for bits leaderboard. Please also update Social Connect

Jul 07, 2020


Adding Bit Leaderboard Support

Jul 07, 2020


Moving Access token refresh functions to Social Connect

Jul 07, 2020


First version of Twitch Intergration

Jul 04, 2020