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The Social Connect plugin allows users to register and log in to your site with their social accounts.


  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft Live
  • Discord
  • Twitch
  • Mixer

Full User Extended Support

User Extended plugin

More to come soon!

Backend login support. Check the 'Enabled on backend?' checkbox on a per-provider basis in Settings - Social Connect.

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This plugin relies on RainLab.User, so make sure you have that installed.

Go to System - Updates and in the search field enter Tohur.SocialConnect


  • Fill in any required credentials in System - Social Connect, making sure the Enabled? checkbox is ticked when you're done.
  • Add User - Account and Social Connect components to your login page
  • Copy /plugins/rainlab/user/components/account/signin.htm to your themes partials/account folder
  • Where you want your login links, add

    {% for name, link in social_connect_links %} <a href="{{ link }}">{{ name }}</a> {% endfor %}

    Remember that you can format it any way you like.


Sometimes you'll want to decide which page to redirect to on login/error. For example perhaps you have a log in page before checkout in an ecommerce plugin and want to redirect to the cart on login. This can be done by appending the following query string values to your login links:

Query String Param Default Description
s / Success page redirect URL (relative)
f /login Error page redirect URL (relative)

Example usage:

{% for name, link in social_connect_links %} <a href="{{ link }}?s={{ 'home'|page }}&f={{ 'login'|page }}">{{ name }}</a> {% endfor %}


Developers can change the way logins are handled through several events detailed below.

Event Parameters Description
tohur.socialconnect.handleBackendLogin array $provider_details, array $user_details, User $user Triggers before backend login. Return true to halt the login process
tohur.socialconnect.handleLogin array $provider_details, array $user_details, User $user Triggers before frontend login. Return true to halt the login process
tohur.socialconnect.registerUser array $provider_details, array $user_details Triggers before registering a new user for attaching to a social account. Optionally return a User object

Other Notes

Twitter doesn't return an email address, so when logging in with Twitter, a new user account is created and associated with the Twitter account.


Changing Microsoft Provider

May 15, 2019


Added Microsoft Live provider and further updates for UserExtended

May 15, 2019


Quick fix for the case UserExtened is not installed

May 14, 2019


Integration with upcoming UserExtended plugin version and couple backend changes

May 13, 2019


Some backend fixes

May 10, 2019


Fixed Avatars for Providers and added Twitch and Mixer to providers

May 10, 2019


Moving default Facebook,Google, and Twitter providers over to socialiteproviders/manager and added Twitch and Mixer to deps. to be fully integrated soon

May 09, 2019


First version of SocialConnect

May 04, 2019

Before Updating

  • In Admin go to Settings - Social Connect and copy your login providers' settings. Some of these may need to be re-entered. You can just paste the same details back in again.

After Updating

  • Paste your copied login provider settings back in the Settings - Social Connect area of admin if they've disappeared.
  • If you have any third party plugins extending Social Connect by adding extra login providers, they may need to require in new dependencies if they were relying on the old packages Social Connect used. Your developer will need to handle this one. If you only see Google, Facebook and Twitter in Settings - Social Connect area of admin then you probably don't need to worry about this.

Other FAQ

  • No changes are needed on the frontend of your site.
  • Frontend users will not need to reassociate their social accounts with your site. Everything will keep working for them provided you follow the backend steps above.