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OctoberCMS Mail Log

This plugin provides a backend log for all the outgoing mail sent by the website. It tracks the addresses to, from, subject, template and timestamp of the email that was sent. This is useful for debugging email sending issues and auditing if mail was sent or not. Only mail that was successfully sent is tracked currently.

Logs by default are only retained for 30 days.

Possible Future Features

If you want any of these features, please request it on Github or open a PR

  • Statistics on sending
  • Tracking of failed emails that haven't sent
  • Notify an admin if an email has failed to send (via other channels like Slack)
  • More detailed logging
  • Options for configuring what fields to log


Simply install it and it will start running. It has currently been tested with both the log and SMTP drivers. Please open an issue on the GitHub Repository if you run into any other issues.


You can change the number of days the log will be retained for in the "Mail Log Settings" area. The default is 30 days.


php artisan mailog:purge 30 Purge all mail logs after x number of days. Default is 30

  • Found the plugin useful on 26 Feb, 2019

    This was originally developed for debugging an issue with email sending on an OctoberCMS install. It works great and is continually maintained.


Changed permissions to use default log permissions

Jun 23, 2020


!!! 'Added in automatic mail log purging. This will automatically purge mail logs that are 30 days or older by default'

May 24, 2020


Removed automatic mail purge

May 24, 2020


Add a command to purge the log after X days and a setting to configure it

May 24, 2020


Updated /models/MailLog.php - Fixes issue count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable

Sep 22, 2019


Store mail content, attachments list, CC & BCC fields

Sep 12, 2019


Created table suresoftware_maillog_log

Feb 25, 2019


Initialize plugin.

Feb 25, 2019