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I am trying to translate SUBSCRIBE email into my language. Everything works except the code inside this sign: {{}} This is an overview of the Email Subscription Form plugin :

Yang terhormat {{ member.username }},

{{ post.member.username }} baru saja menjawab topik yang Anda ikuti berjudul - {{ topic.subject }} - di forum {{ channel.title }}. Mungkin ada balasan lain juga, tetapi Anda tidak akan menerima pemberitahuan lagi untuk topik ini sampai Anda aktif di forum lagi.

Topik ini terletak di:

{{ postUrl }}

Ini pesan yang baru saja diposting:


{{ post.content }}


How to fix it?


Here are two cases: independent variables like {{ postUrl }} and entity attributes like {{ post.content }}. Both not working?

Can you describe how you want this to work?


Sorry for this uncertainty. What I mean is that the codes remain text. Each code does not work according to its function. So the user receives an email message with this text: {{member.username}}, {{post.member.username}}, {{topic.subject}}, {{channel.title}}, {{postUrl}}, and this {{post.content}}. I want the codes to work according to their respective functions. Thank you for the look.

This image makes my point. It comes from the website page for resetting the user password. After they successfully reset and receive the email, this is what they receive.

And it's not like if I used the original template in English

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