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Does the plugin count bot visits towards the total pageview count? And if so, is there a way to filter those out? I don't need all bots filtered out, but I don't want Google spiders to be counted in the pageview.

Mighty thank you to the Dev for such a clean and useful plugin!


Hello, added this feature in new release. By default bot visits are not tracked now. But you can customize the behavior. Here the quote from new plugin documentation:

You can listen to the following event to stop tracking a visit or to implement your custom logic filtering what to track. Via this event you can check incoming request using this library, which is included with this plugin already:

  • trackPrevent: if true - visit will not be tracked. Can be used with custom logic.
  • trackBot: if false - web crawler bot visit will not be tracked. By default bots are not tracked.
Event::listen('blogviews.before.track', function ($plugin, $component) {
    return ['trackPrevent' => true, 'trackBot' => false];

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