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Hi there! I'm trying to display my post' content on the page using component 'proBlogList'. In this component (in components/post/default.htm) i see some code which displays post.content on the page:

<...> {% set content_parsed = parseBlogPost(post_item.content) %} <...> {{ content|raw }} <...>

So, if there is a "|raw" filter, my content is displayed without any <.strong> or <.i> tags, only images and <.p>. If "|raw" removed there is a pure "<.p>Some text <.i>here</.i></.p>..." text on the page. So, tags displayed as text, not as HTML-tags at all. I have either 'only text' without decoration, or pure tags-as-a-text on the page. What am I missing? Where is the solution? :)

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