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Slevin K.
Slevin K.

Hello Vladimir,

Thanks for this new version, I'm trying to use the ML builder inside a repeater field but it does not save the ML builder content. Is there a solution or a setting to do to make this work ?

thanks L.


For multilingualism in the repeater, you do not need to use ML Builder.
You need to make the repeater itself translatable.

use Model;

 * Model
class Testppoetestppp extends Model
    use \October\Rain\Database\Traits\Validation;

    public $implement = ['@RainLab.Translate.Behaviors.TranslatableModel'];

    public $translatable = ['myrepeater'];

    protected $jsonable = ['myrepeater'];


Slevin K.
Slevin K.

Thanks for your answer, it's perfect :)

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