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Please reinstall the plugin.
No Builder canvas assets are required for this theme.
Thanks for re...

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I did not find such a possibility in the API.

Posted in Is it possible to add multiple choice for download as in the web interface?

2.2.9 Adds Static Pages Snippets properties support



Posted in Snippets not working on Static Pages (if Builder active)

Сustom blocks & snips еxample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiCZFfbjPrA

The B4Builder and B5Buil...

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There is no snippet support in this plugin.
You can try adding snippet code to custom blocks.

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I'm not quite clear what you mean.
Could you add some illustrations or describe in more detail w...

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Ну главное что заработало)

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Добрый день! Какая версия Октября у вас?

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Добрый день!
Можно сделать так:
Оберните счетчик, например, в <span class="ycounter"> ... </span>


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reclama.katkov65018 said:

Команды с update и подобные боюсь запускать. На днях после php artisan oc...

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