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Hi OFFLINE, In my layout I've a repeater section which includes a text and rich edior form field (someting like below) .

{repeater name="content_sections" prompt="Add another content section" tab="Right Column repeater"}
    <h2 >{text name="sidebar_header" label="Sidebar Headline" placeholder="Type in a heading and enter some content for it below"}{/text}</h2>
    {richeditor name="content_body" size="large"}{/richeditor}

It's great to work with especially for clients but the content included via the repeater section can't be found at the search results. Is this intended or can this be fixed somehow?


Is this in the Rainlab.Pages plugin?


Ah sorry, yes it is. It probably do not show as content from the repeater section is placed at the same location where title, layout,... are described. Below a shortened version of a static page based on the above repeater section.

title = "Services"
url = "/services"
layout = "details"
is_hidden = 0
navigation_hidden = 0
meta_title = "Services"
meta_description = "description"
content_sections[1][sidebar_header] = "Services"
content_sections[1][content_body] = "Services Content"
<div class="ui padded basic segment">Here is the regular content wich can be found at the search results</div>

Content from the repeater "content_section[i][xyz]" like Services do not show at the search results.


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Thanks for pointing that out!

I just released version 1.2.8 with support for viewBag parameters. Check it out, everything should work.

Please give feedback if not!


Great, many thanks for this quick fix. It now works and pages will be found.

The only issue i noticed is that it does not show the excerpt where the word is located (in my case i put it in a sidebar) instead is shows the exerpt from the beginning of the page. But I'm perfectly fine with this and happy with your quick response and help.

Keep up the good work on this very nice plugin and thanks again for your help.

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