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What is the content of the CMS pages your are searching through? Also, did you enable the cms pages ...

Posted in Plugin not working in CMSpage

What type of result are you displaying? A static page? Where does the heading image come from?

Posted in Plugin is great this may be a simple question how to I include an image with my search results

You need to show me some code or at least tell me what your setup is otherwise I cannot help you.

Posted in Plugin not working in CMSpage

This is not a problem with the plugin but with the way you have set up your model. It looks like you...

Posted in Example to search for custom documents

Without any more info on where you experience this error (Line of file, with stack strace) I cannot ...

Posted in Example to search for custom documents


  1. This is a bug with the query log, I have released a bugfix for this, thanks!
  2. For the pages pl...

Posted in Error when Query is Empty and excerpt from custom backend fields

If you are using the plugin together with OFFLINE.Mall maybe this might help you:

Posted in Error getFileName

Without more information I won't be able to help you. At least post the complete stack trace of the ...

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This is not supported out-of-the-box but can be added easily:

Create your own search provider as des...

Posted in Is it possible to filter products by categories before searching?

7000 records won't be searchable with the current SiteSearch setup. The plugin provides an easy way ...

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