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Can you add the error details to your post?

Posted in Class RainLab\Translate\Models\Locale not found after upgrade

No, you currently cannot exclude certain fields by default.

I suggest you disable the default search...

Posted in Exclude specific static pages custom fields from search or excerpt

Can you try to install the plugin like this and see if this fixes the issue?

composer remove offline...

Posted in Composer install: file could not be downloaded (HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found)

Try to debug around here what the parsedMarkup or getViewBagPropValue properties return in your case...

Posted in Excerpt for static pages with custom block

Yes, absolutely! I just did not find the time to implement the feature yet, but it is on the roadmap...

Posted in OctoberCMS V3 Support

You need to make sure your query is nested corretly since it has an orWhere in it:

$items = \Alava\N...

Posted in Add another variable for serach

If the browser locks up, this is probably a JS problem. Try clearing your browser cache and load the...

Posted in OctoberCMS 2 locking up browser when try edit layouts

Did you run php artisan october:install first?

That's the commands required as per the docs: https:/...

Posted in Invalid credentials on composer install

Did you modify your nginx configuration as described in the docs?

Posted in Unable to install October with Nginx

You should not extend the plugin by editing its code or even placing a class in the plugins/offline ...

Posted in SitSearch: Provider not found