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Hi Kurt,

is it possible to add forum_member":{{"username"}} ? I use the rainlab forum plugin, and I noticed I can not eddit the forum username in the front-end. There is this field: {{username}} wich i can edit, a workaround could be to replace {{ }} on the forum page code tab by your component {{username}} perhaps in the code section? Any idea?


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The user can edit their username in the account section of the edit profile page. My "Account" page is:

URL: /account/:code?

Include components: Account ( from User plugin ) , Profile Panel ( from Profile plugin ), Session ( from User plugin if not already in layout that you choose )


{% if user %}
{% component 'ProPanel' %}
{% else %}
{% component 'Account' %}
<a style="font-size:1.3em;" href="{{ 'forgot-password'|app }}">Did you forget password?</a>
{% endif %}

If I am missing something here, please add some detail about the issue.

Thanks for using the Profile plugin.


I found a solution, I will modify the rainlab forum partials and replace username by {{ post.member.user.username }}. Thanks for your support.

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