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There is now.

Just make sure the user also has at least one permission key ( ANY KEY. it does not ma...

Posted in Files asigned to users not to users group

If you log in as an admin to:


Posted in How to delete the uploaded/added files from super admin?

Any user who is going to download files must have at least one permission assigned to them even if a...

Posted in Files apearing in the list but no download begins on click

It is working for me on 465 with modified template. What are the issues you are having?

Posted in Plugin not supported? And not working on 465?

If you delete the record for the download from the backend, it will also delete the file from the s...

Posted in How to delete the uploaded/added files from super admin?

You now just have to specify your target window name in the component properties of download listing...

Posted in Open files in a new window

Adding a front end page with user profile forms

The "Profile Panel Component" provides a tabbed inte...

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If you have access to command line, you can navigate to the base directory of October and do:

php ar...

Posted in Deleted the database tables accidentally

@daniel51366 Where is the error reported as occuring? ( File and Line )

Posted in List column type "relation" could not be found.

I fixed it by making the column not sortable. Not going to push it out until I make some other chan...

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