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Hi, i bought your plugin a few days ago. How can I add an edit option so users can change their countries, gender and date of birth?


I saw the previous posts about showing slug = username but I can't managed to work. I can only show profiles by id /profile/:slug? = /profile/1 How can I do it without changing code?

Thanks in advance.

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Adding a front end page with user profile forms

The "Profile Panel Component" provides a tabbed interface that can be used by front end users to edit their own profile information.

Here is a sample page setup:

  • Create a new page titled "Account"

  • Set URL to "/account/:code?"

  • Add components "Account", "Profile Panel", and "Session" by draging and dropping the "Account" and "Profile Panel" components in the markup area. "Session" component can be double clicked as it does not need to be in the markup area.

  • Check the boxes in the "Included Panels" property of "Profile Panel" that you want to show in your page.

  • Add page markup:

    {% if user %}
    {% component 'ProPanel' %}
    {% else %}
    {% component 'Account' %}
    {% endif %}
  • Save your new page and test it out.

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