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is simply managed in backend settings, you are the best =)

Hi, when I upload an excel sheet the file is not recognized. I changed FileTypes in the model

secondaryTabs: fields: privatefile: label: '' type: fileupload fileTypes: 'pdf,txt,doc,docx,xls,xlxs'

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  • Are you uploading on FRONT end form or BACKEND form?
  • Did you set "Allowed File Types" in Settings for "Private Files"?
    • This should be a comma separated list od extensions like "_txt,doc,docx,xls".

I uploaded a spreadsheet and downloaded it without any issue using the FRONT end form. The file extension was "xlsx". I thought that I recently saw an October CMS config setting for file types but can not recall at the moment. I will search for it and post a link if I find more.


This is what I was thinking of but I believe it is only for the MediaManager:

Here is the relevant section in October source code that lists the defaults discussed in the above post:

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