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Error "Downloads permission not set for current user."

Dear Author, We have recently purchased your plugin and also downloaded and installed the required plugin (Rainlab.User and Passage Plugin). But for some reason the user is not able to download the files. Here is what I am doing:

  • I have two groups created user1group and user2group
  • I have created two users e.g and and added them to there respective groups.
  • In passage keys i have two keys is_user1 and is_user2
  • I have checked the keys on the user groups respectively.
  • Additionally I also created the user variances for the user1 and user2 with correct passage_keys respectively.
  • Now when I create a private file using the plugin I can see the file listed but when I click on it it says the error "Downloads permission not set for current user."

Can you please help me with the problem debugging?


What permission did you set for the file you uploaded?

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