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I would like to know if there is way to specify a url for each download file. Currently i see there is only a single page for all downloads..



That depends on what you are trying to do. I have just published an update (1.1.19) that will allow you to customize the output page URL to whatever page you like.

You could also create a separate page for an individual file.


  • You have a file called MeetingNotes.doc
  • Upload it as usual.
  • Find it's record ID ( By looking in back-end list ). Lets say the ID is 46
  • Create a page meeting.htm in CMS section with what ever URL you want.
  • Do not use a layout
  • add Download component to the page and set the "Slug for download ID" property to 46 by clicking on >_ to slide it to the right and enter 46
  • Save page

You now have a page that downloads MeetingNotes.doc

The other way would be to just create your own link back to a page that has the download component and using the normal slug setup, add the ID to the end of the URL. This is what the lists do.

Hope this helps and thanks for purchasing.


Just thinking more about your question and noticed that you said for a specific "post" which leads me to believe that you want to have a blog post with a download link in it.

If that is the case then setup everything as normal with a download page url of example "/download/out/:slug".

Then in your post, add a link to "/download/out/45" where 45 is the ID of the file you want.

You might even add a target="output" to this link to make it download on a new tab.

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