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Mathilde Escher Stiftung
Mathilde Escher Stiftung

Hello! Your plugin looks great, thanks. Just what we need for repeated dates.

Unfortunately the disabled pattern field isn't updated on change a repeated event.

I saw, that I need to update the bootstrap CDN and I did that. So the JS error disapears in the console, but the field just remains in it's default state when changing to e.g. frequency weekly on Monady and Thursday every week.

We're using october 2.1.25.

We'd be very glad for help!

Mathilde Escher Stiftung
Mathilde Escher Stiftung

Is it possible that getSaveValue isn't called onSave entry? I did a die($rrule); inside plugins\kurtjensen\mycalendar\traits\RRuleWidget.php inside public function getSaveValue($value) and it just saved the event normally.

Actullay, in my opinion, it should then just showing the value of $rrule on a blank screen when saving...

Mathilde Escher Stiftung
Mathilde Escher Stiftung

Please see this post:

So when adding:

<input type="hidden" name="<?= $this->getFieldName() ?>" value="" />

inside the file: plugins\kurtjensen\mycalendar\formwidgets\rrule\partials_rrule.htm

...saving a repeated date works again. I would put this line in the end (or at the begining of this file) inside the the twig else statement.

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