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Just to let you know $(window).load is deprecated, you need to exchange it in the file plugins\kurtj...

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Hey there,

After an update of October cms to version 2.2.15 the addJs method seems to ignore the add...

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After updating my october to 2.2.15 the backend editor wasn't working anymore. I got followin...

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I work a lot with contents with static pages RainLab plugin, which I really like.

But there ...

Posted in Static pages content - delete and edit filename permissions


I thought, I will make a short instruction here on how to update october v1 to v2 with deploy...

Posted in [HOWTO] Update october v1 to v2 with deploy plugin

Hey dijo.dill,

First of all octobercms is based on laravel:

If you know a bit of...

Posted in How to master October cms?

Sorry! This was just my bad:

I forgot to also deploy the config file. So if you experience any simil...

Posted in Can't upload logo and favicon to backend after update to v2


What I just did is, I deleted the vendor folder on my server (you may consider doing a backu...

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How can I remove this package? It's not inside the the composer.json in root dir, it's deep i...

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I don't know if this error has something to do with my recent update from October v1 to v2 wi...

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