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My hoster installed now the composer again under /usr/bin and now it did work.

But it's good to know...

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I found the Problem: If you don't specify an start or end date in the backend for an event, t...

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Hey Sayem,

Thanks for the update! I installed it locally for now, because my composer has somehow pr...

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Should this still work with october v2?

I get this one:

Object of class Illuminate\Routing\UrlGenera...

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Hello, I try to:

php artisan october:update

But it then says, that:

sh: line 1: composer: command no...

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Hey Sayem, Thank you very much! Is there the possibility that I can help you there somehow?

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Hello, Thanks for the plugin. We like it :)

But we have a Problem with the timezone. Is there a way ...

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Hello! Is there an easy way to put the title and description under the slide?

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So I was able to fix the multidate widget like this:

In the file on line 24 plugins\radiantweb\proev...

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