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I would like to have certain data be visible only to a specific user within a cluster, except that the cluster should have an 'admin' user that can see all others. Is there any functionality built in to manage this?

Hi Josh,

Thanks for using our plugin.

We're currently working on such a feature. It should be available by the end of the year but probably as a paid extension to Cumulus. If you have any suggestions or expectations in this matter please let us know.

With best regards,

Tomasz Strojny


Is this feature now available somewhere?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, the feature is not yet officially supported. It's still working only as a beta version in our local environments. Is this a key feature for your app?

Best regards,

Tomasz Strojny


Well what I need is to be able to have different user roles inside a cluster (which is a company in my project)

my setup looks like this:

Cluster = company


  • Full


  • Manage Users
  • Dashboard
  • Live Data

-- Inside a cluster, I need to have an admin who can access the feature 'Manage Users' but not the other features. -- and all the Users will access all the feature except 'Manage Users'

makes sense?

Definitely makes sense and that's exactly what CumulusRoles is designed to do.

Sorry about the lag but we have definitely too much on our plates.

Do you mind waiting for the feature or supporting our work to reschedule the tasks?

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