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Creating tests in Synapse

In contrast to other software, Synapse does not split tests up into separate questions. This has advantages and disadvantages.


  • In Synapse, the form inputs that students use to answer the questions in a test are generated from HTML headings and lists. This makes it easy to write and change tests.


  • In Synapse you cannot assign different points to different answers
  • More advanced question types like matching are not supported

Using the WYSIWYG editor to write tests

You can use the WYSIWYG editor to write the following HTML:

<h2>What is a primary color?</h2>
<p>You have learned about primary colors in lesson 1.</p>
<h2>What is a secondary color?</h2>
<p>You have learned about secondary colors in lesson 2.</p>

The list of options will be converted into radio inputs. When submitted, it will produce:

1: Red
2: Purple

This allows you to add inline comments to the submitted test.

NEW If an answer sheet is found for a multiple choice test, the test can be automatically graded and students are granted new permissions (allowing drip-feeding content). Simply add an answer sheet for a test in the same format as the submitted answers shown above. Each question is assigned the same number of points resulting in a maximum score of 10 if all questions are answered correctly.

Supported question types

The following question types are currently supported:

  • Open
  • Multiple choice (single answer)
  • Upload

The following question types can be added by yourself:

  • Multiple choice (multiple answers)
  • Multiple choice (True/False)
  • Fill in the blanks

The following question types are currently NOT supported:

  • Matching
  • Sorting


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