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I have a client that have a website project that include trainings. Is it possible to create a demo install in order to play with it and see if it can meet the client needs ?

Thank you



Hi Alex,

Thank you for your interest in Synapse LMS Pro. I am planning to include a demo for this plugin (resets every hour, on the hour). Unfortunately I have not yet found time to do so nor will I have time to do so in the coming weeks.

The volume of the October Marketplace is still relatively small and does not come close to covering the cost of plugin development let alone plugin maintenance or support (the marketplace takes a 30% commission).

As a result, the development of the plugins you see on the marketplace has either

  • already been paid for by direct clients
  • been paid for in time for an internal project (personal use)
  • been paid for in time (volunteered)

I understand the value of a demo and like I said, I am planning to add one. It simply does not have high priority for me right now since I am using Synapse LMS for an internal project and the ROI for spending additional time on it simply is not there so this would be something I do in my free time - something that is rare with a 3-year old at home :)

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