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I have just released my CRM (Customer Relations Manager) plugin for October.

One CRM aphorism is that every successful CRM solution is customized in some way. Because of that, it's important that the solution you choose is customizable and flexible - like October is. Many CRM solutions boasts their bells and whistles in an effort to attract customers but in reality there are only a few core features that have most of the impact on your business. This CRM focuses on those and does it for a one-time fee on the hosting plan you are already paying for and within the CMS you are already using.

I want you to be excited about my CRM plugin. That will only happen if you can really make it your own. My plans are to create a standardized "base" CRM that you can easily extend and customize according to your needs.

Please feel free to request core functionality that you think is missing but things like Invoicing, Mail campaigns, Support tickets, Webmail and Workflows are not considered core functionality and are already handled by other plugins. This plugin only deals with customer relations and closing deals.

I am looking forward to any feedback you can give me based on the online demo!

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