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Hi, tried your nice demo. But regarding Kanban dashboard, seems not possible to dragNdrop one deal from one pipe stage to an other. Impossible to 'fix' the draged element to new position. Did I fail somewhere ?

Thanks for reply.


Hi Philip,

Thank you for your interest in my plugin. No, you did not fail. The Kanban widget is still a work in progress.

Unforunately the October marketplace is still relatively small and does not generate anywhere near enough revenue to justify either the development time for plugins or the time needed to maintain and support them. The plugins and themes (both paid and free) that I offer on the marketplace are the result of work that has already been paid for by commercial clients, things that I use myself, or experiments that I have done in my free time while playing with October.

In 2019 I had a lot of time and was very active on the marketplace but in 2020 I am focussing on commercial work for clients so I have less time to update and improve these plugins.

However, I do use the CRM plugin myself so future updates are likely to occur.

All the best for now!

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