Exellent plugin for manage your Apps hosted in DigitalOcean with ServerPilot from your main October Installation.

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Stranger Pings
Stranger Pings

I have installed the plugin, put in my API and ID. When I go to the plugin it hasn't synced anything into the Serverpilot backend.

When I click apps I get this

Trying to get property of non-object /public/plugins/awebsome/serverpilot/controllers/apps/_view_th_dash.htm line 45

When I try to sync servers I get

The name may only contain letters and numbers.

This happens a lot when I try to sync. Also only 2 of my apps have connected when I have close to 11.

Only 2 databases have also connected as well.

The apps has now changed to show the 2 connected apps, but when I click sync I get

"Undefined variable: allDomains" on line 221 of public/plugins/awebsome/serverpilot/classes/ServerPilotSync.php

Hello, you can try this.

php artisan plugin:refresh awebsome.serverpilot

and re-sync from "Sync".

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