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If your Plugin depends on Blog Plugin it should have a $require in Plugin.php!

/* @var array Plugin dependencies/

public $require = [ 'RainLab.Blog' ];

Please provide a Update.


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Anand Patel
Anand Patel

Ah, that's not the case.

My plugin is not fully dependent on Blog. if you have not installed Blog plugin, and you want to use SEO plugin you can use.

Problem with plugin is first you install SEO plugin and after you install Blog, it gives errors.

I will try to create separate SEO plugin to support blog. and remove blog code from this plugin.

It will take time, as i am busy with other stuff.

ok I understand.

just a thought ... maybe you can store "seo title, ..., robot follow" in a separate table and not in "rainlab_blog_posts" ...

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