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Cockpit CRM is a simple, yet powerfull Customer Relationship Management.


The Cockpit CRM is meant for small businesses, freelancers and agencies to provide tools for accounting, customer management, invoicing and keeping an eye on finances. It is the first in an upcoming series of plugins for the everyday work these businesses face. We use it ourselfs and thus actively develop it. To be able to customize and extend it, we build in support for custom invoice and offer templates as custom payment importers. If you feel there is something missing, feel free to send us a message.


  • manage multiple companies
  • customer management
  • contact management
  • invoicing
  • creating offers
  • converting offers to invoices
  • deposit/bank account management
  • payments and payment imports from CSV
  • payment report graphs
  • document templates and documents (e.g. contracts or NDAs)

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Hello, I am Ondrej Brinkel. Please start by reading the whole documentation! If you have any questions, find a bug or experience difficulties getting the plugin to work please use the Support Forum. Only leave a Review if you are happy with the plugin or are still unhappy with the plugin after reaching out to me in the Support Forum. Thank you! Ondrej Brinkel Portrait

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You need an account on octobercms.com to install this plugin.

  1. Sign in and click on the Add to Project button on the product page for the plugin in the marketplace.
  2. Select the project you wish to add the plugin to (or create one).
  3. Make sure you install any 3rd-party plugins this plugin depends on (Renatio.DynamicPdf, RainLab.Translate)
  4. Make sure you have attached this project to your website in the backend of your website in order to pull in the new plugin (Settings > Updates & Plugins). Don't worry, attaching or detaching your website to a project will never delete anything!
  5. Make sure you allow short_open_tag
  6. Adjust settings under Settings > Cockpit > CRM

Getting started

  1. Add StudioBosco.CockpitCrm to a project and attach it to your website
  2. Go to Cockpit: CRM > Companies and add your company and fill in the details about your company
  3. Go to Cockpit: CRM > Customers and add an existing or new customer

Custom invoice templates

  1. Goto Settings > PDF
  2. Create new PDF Template based upon the "Default Invoice Template"

Custom offer templates

  1. Goto Settings > PDF
  2. Create new PDF Template based upon the "Default Offer Template"

Custom document templates

  1. Goto Settings > PDF
  2. Create new PDF Template based upon the "Default Document Template"

Importing/Exporting Data

You can import and exoprt customers, invoices and payments from various sources and to various formats. You can either use one of the premade importers/exporters, a generic CSV import/export or create your own custom importer/exporter.

To create a custom payment importer please follow these steps:

  1. Create folder cockpit/crm/importers/payments
  2. Copy plugins/studiobosco/cockpitcrm/importers/payments/NorisbankCsvV1.php to cockpit/crm/importers/payments/MyPaymentsImporter.php (or any name you want)
  3. Adjust cockpit/crm/importers/payments/MyPaymentsImporter.php to your needs
  4. Test the importer by downloading a CSV file from your bank account and go to Cockpit: CRM > Payments > Import payments and then select "My Payments Importer" from the list and upload the CSV file.

In the same way you can create custom invoice and customer importers.


Please use the Support Forum (on the left side of the page for any theme or plugin) or send me a message. We also offer design, workshops and development services. You can visit our website for more information. Do not use reviews to ask for support.

  • Found the plugin useful on 23 Jul, 2020

    If you need a fully comprehensive backend to manage your business, CockpitCRM is your choice. Clear and easy manage, the developers are very kind and supportive. The software is regulary updated and offer new features with stable builds! Five stars great work StudioBosco


adds option to override company in invoices and offers Pending

Jan 22, 2021


adds document fields to companies Pending

Jan 20, 2021


adds missing JSON customer importer Pending

Jan 05, 2021


adds document types

Dec 19, 2020


adds documents

Dec 07, 2020


makes invoice and offer titles optional

Sep 21, 2020


adds recurring invoices

Aug 20, 2020


fixes adding payment to invoice

Jul 01, 2020


duplicates invoices as drafts now

Jun 29, 2020


fixes invoice json import and export

May 19, 2020


adds customer filter to invoices and offers

May 05, 2020


adds action to remove duplicate contacts

Apr 22, 2020


Adds JSON import of invoices

Apr 21, 2020


Adds payments CSV import/export

Apr 20, 2020


Adds customer CSV import

Apr 19, 2020


adds is_payed and is_draft to invoice states

Apr 19, 2020


adds introduction to invoices

Apr 07, 2020


adds FastBill import of customers and invoices

Apr 07, 2020


adds offer and invoice states

Mar 18, 2020


improves offer and invoice forms

Mar 18, 2020


adds title and description to invoice and offer items

Mar 06, 2020


prevents non numeric value errors when generating pdfs

Mar 06, 2020


adds contacts to invoices, offers and customers

Mar 06, 2020


removes usage of config file

Mar 05, 2020


uses Renatio.DynamicPDF instead of wkhtmltopdf

Mar 05, 2020


adds sections to invoices and offers

Mar 05, 2020


adds missing is_page_break to invoice and offer items

Feb 28, 2020


removes leading line-break in html formatted addresses

Feb 28, 2020


compatiblitiy with MYSQL 5.6

Feb 03, 2020


fixes broken invoice pdf export

Jan 11, 2020


adds missing translations

Jan 08, 2020


adds company_id to deposit accounts

Dec 31, 2019


adds deposit account model

Dec 31, 2019


Added offer numbers

Dec 31, 2019


Added template field to Offers

Dec 31, 2019


Added date field to Offers

Dec 31, 2019


Added locale field to Offers

Dec 31, 2019


Implmenting Offers

Dec 31, 2019


Creation of draft Invoices possible

Dec 31, 2019


Add payed_at to invoices

Dec 31, 2019


Add contact to companies

Dec 31, 2019


Add addresses to invoices

Dec 31, 2019


Create base database tables

Dec 31, 2019