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Dropbox Adapter Plugin

Dropbox v2 API filesystem adapter plugin for OctoberCMS.


There are couple ways to install this plugin.

  1. Use October Marketplace and Add to project button.
  2. Use October backend area Settings > System > Updates & Plugins > Install Plugins and type Renatio.DropboxAdapter.
  3. Use php artisan plugin:install Renatio.DropboxAdapter command.
  4. Use composer require renatio/dropboxadapter-plugin in project root.


Please use GitHub Issues Page to report any issues with plugin.

Reviews should not be used for getting support or reporting bugs, if you need support please use the Plugin support link.

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Add new filesystem disk in disks array in config/filesystems.php:

'dropbox' => [
    'driver' => 'dropbox',
    'authorizationToken' => '',

Create a new app and generate an authorization token with the Dropbox App Console.

In this configuration file you can also set default filesystem and cloud disk.

To use Dropbox as default uploads/media storage for October installation update config/cms.php:

'storage' => [

    'uploads' => [
        'disk'   => 'dropbox',
        'folder' => '',
        'path'   => '',

    'media' => [
        'disk'   => 'dropbox',
        'folder' => '',
        'path'   => '',


Important note: If you want to specify folder or path than you must ensure it exists on Dropbox.


Support Dropbox v2 API.

Jun 18, 2020


Initialize plugin.

Sep 30, 2017