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A simple way to deploy your application to a remote location.


  • October CMS 2.0.16 or above
  • PHP openssl extension
  • PHP eval function

Why is This Plugin Needed?

This plugin helps in cases where your remote server (production, staging, etc) does not have the ability to run the standard deployment workflow, either due to lack of computational resources or lack of service by the hosting provider. An example of this is shared hosting, where shell access is limited or composer does not have enough memory to execute.

How It Works

Before starting, you should have set up a new site in your hosting manager and ideally have an empty database. You may also apply these instructions to an existing website, including legacy versions of October CMS, however, please make sure you have taken a complete backup in case something goes wrong.


This plugin is an official extension of the October CMS platform and is free to use if you have a platform license. See EULA license for more details.

Control Panel Setup

After installing this plugin, navigate to the Settings > Deploy in your October CMS control panel and click Create Server.

  1. Enter the web address for your site (eg: https://mycpanelwebsite.tld/)
  2. Generate a new RSA private key, or enter an existing one to set up an existing server
  3. Download the Beacon ZIP files

Beacon Deployment

In your Beacon ZIP file, you should notice the following files:

  • index.php
  • bootstrap/app.php
  • bootstrap/autoload.php
  • bootstrap/beacon.php

You can upload these files anywhere and they will become a target for deployment of October CMS. You can use FTP or the file manager in your hosting control panel.

Important: The directory where the files are uploaded must be writable by your web server (eg: permission 777 for apache).

Run Your First Deployment

Once you have the Beacon installed remotely and the server set up locally. It's time to perform your first deployment.

  • Found the plugin useful on 11 Jul, 2021

    This plugin is just amazing! Perfect! Well done!

  • Found the plugin useful on 10 Jun, 2021

    Very good and usefull plugin, works like a charm!

  • Found the plugin useful on 9 Jun, 2021

    Good job, works great!


Server will now take build number from parent installation

Aug 11, 2021


Improve error messages

Jun 08, 2021


Minor fix for PHP 7.2 support

Jun 04, 2021


First version of Deploy plugin

Jun 03, 2021